5 Best Living Room Ideas for 2019

This 2019 bring up the heat in your space with these 5 Best Living Room Ideas!

A living room is a place where we convene and spend quality time with people on daily basis. It is a much often used space by guests, family, and friends. As this room is the nucleus it needs special attention. Make it exceptional, efficient and beautiful with different concepts this year.

5 Best Living Room Ideas for your House: 

Interior of a living room changes every season. With latest and trendy design your space could be jazzed into a comfy stylish home-style.  Let’s see how you can amplify your living room without an interior designer. Thank me later!

Acrylic Furnishings:

Acrylic furniture gives a touch of spice in your living area. As we have moved into smaller spaces, creating a soothing compact snugger is what we need. This time ditch those bulky, square foot furnishings rather bring home acrylic furniture. Be it an acrylic center table, coffee table or a gauzy side table, pick any for that visual appeal.

Why acrylic? Acrylic furnishings are subtle and provide ample look to a room. It is good for small apartments, studio or loft. The room looks open and airy due to an invisible look.

Compact Luxury:

Fireplaces are a must to have during winters. They add comfort and luxury to the home. As houses are shrinking in size maintaining and adding a fireplace is a challenge. An innovative vertical designed fireplace with intricate design is a good idea though.

Compact luxury not only includes fireplaces but that entire artistic piece that adds charm to your portion. Like a chandelier, lamps, wall arts, wall clocks, etc.

Vivacious and Bold Hues:

Designers play safe with colors so that they match perfectly with everyone’s taste. Their favorites are cream white, dove grey, light pink and all the neutral shades that covered walls well. But this year, be bold.  2019 had a major comeback in terms of shades. Navy blue, sage green, rich purple, and intense mango is in this time.

Bohemian Style:

Getting a modern funky makeover is the upcoming trend. Playing with patterns, shapes, and colors in terms of fabric looks cool. For a Boho feel mix and match prototype. Like, keep muted refined colors with mixed contemporary pieces to add a huff.

In short, a Boho living room includes gypsy interiors inequitable with a vintage look. Some natural indoor plants that will append an organic sensibility to the room, it can be anything but the main motto is to provide a relaxing eccentric environment.

Light flooring:

People usually prefer dark colored floor as they are befitting then why light flooring? When your living room is a small light colored floor does wonder. When light falls on the floor it immediately reflects the light which makes your space look brighten up.

There are many types of flooring available in the market like wooden, vinyl tile, laminates, carpet, cork, etc. pick light colors for the same.

Currently, reverse plan and extensive flooring plans are trending. As they give a two-story view. Before preferring one for your place checks out the images for more transparency.


To give your space a cutting edge look you need to determine what fashion is. No matter whether you are redecorating your room from the scratch, painting it, adding furnishings or just accessorizing it.

Your living room is an echo of your personality. Therefore whenever someone visits your place one makes a perception about you by gazing at your home. Build and decorate it in such a way that you impress without uttering a word.

This year get trendy, classy and personified by choosing best living room ideas. Which is your pick? Write to us in the comment section below, your suggestions are valuable to us.